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Mistress Chatterley in Oxford Gets Personal

Mistress Chatterley is a popular Mistress in the Oxford and London area. Sadistic Mistress caught up with her to find out a little more for you. Here is the interview.

Q: Mistress Chatterley, would You kindly tell us a little about your background and how you became involved in Domination?

I modelled latex and fetish clothing from the outset, which opened the door to domination and becoming a mistress

Q: Mistress Chatterley, what advice would you give to slaves who wish to serve you?

Be honest in your interests, respectful and take things slowly. Don’t try and tick all boxes in one session. Do your homework, and choose what mistress is right for you.

Q: Mistress Chatterley, what are your favourite types of sessions?

I enjoy all forms of domination.

Q: Mistress Chatterley, do you attend any clubs relating to BDSM/Fetish lifestyle?

Not generally, but I do like to attend fetish shows which relate to the scene

Q: Mistress Chatterley, What do you prefer to wear during sessions?

Comfortable latex, black and red is my favourite colour

Q: Mistress Chatterley, please could you describe your style of dominance?

I am not a sadistic person or like masochists. I would describe myself as a soft dominatrix who generally likes to play mind games with my slaves.

Q: Mistress Chatterley, do you also offer other services such as phone domination, email/online, training?

Not generally but have on occasion undertaken phone and online training for slaves overseas

Q: Mistress Chatterley, what are the things You most like and dislike in a slave?

Most slaves I meet are very willing to please and that is a great thrill to me. A slave who is pushy, rude and tries to top from the bottom does nothing for me.

Q: Mistress Chatterley, what are Your favourite gifts from a slave?

I don’t generally expect gifts, so if a slave wants to purchase something, I usually direct them to my Amazon wish list which shows the type of things I like.

Q: Mistress, what advice would you give to a novice who has never visited a Mistress before?

To keep an open mind and not try to turn unrealistic fantasies into reality. If a novice has seen something on the internet they want to try, that’s fine but they should bear in mind it just might not be what they expected!

Q: Mistress, do You own any 24/7 slaves?

Although I work as a mistress full time, I am not a lifestyle mistress and do not require or own any 24/7 slaves.

Q: Mistress, what about those slaves looking for a long term serious commitment of slavery to You. What would be Your requirements of such a slave?

I prefer to see slaves regularly of course, but slaves are also busy individuals and although they commit to a time with me on a weekly or monthly basis, and have been seeing me regularly for some 6 years, I would not hold it against them if they decided to move on!. Slaves are very loyal and once you have trust between you, that bond is hard to break, so I guess they are totally committed

Q. How do you make use of Social Media or is it something you don’t have time for?

I try to use Social Media sources as and when I can and I think it is very important

Q: Mistress may You please tell us how we may obtain more details about you and how to serve you?

I have a very informative website www.mistresschatterley.com for those who wish to book, experience and serve.

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