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This page provides you with articles that will provide support and help when viewing Sadistic Mistress or using the site to create a profile.

Forgot my password

When it comes to recovering your password at Sadistic Mistress, the process is familiar and simple. If you are already activated then please use the forgotten password link below to recover your details: sadistic-mistress.com/passwordRecover.

Not Yet Activated Users: If you have just registered but have not yet received an activation email then please wait 1 hour and check your junk or spam folders. If you still have not received your details then please contact us.

Activation email not received

Your activation email is sent when you register for a new account at Sadistic Mistress. It can take a little time for this to come through. Do not try to register again. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folders. If it is in there be sure to move it to your inbox and white list it as not spam or not junk. If you still have not received your activation email you can email customer service for support. To do this go to our Contact page and let us know.

Reporting fake photos

If you spot a profile that has a fake picture then please let us know. We can only remove pictures that we can verify are fake through the search tools available to us. In certain cases, we may ask the service provider to provide a verification picture. To do this you will need to navigate to the profile in question, copy the URL, and then send that to us from our contact form.

Person I met was not one in profile

There are times when you might arrange to meet a Dominatrix based on the photograph you have seen in an advert but when you arrive you are met by another person. It is unfortunate. There are lots of genuine and some not-so-genuine reasons why this might happen. Of course, you have every right not to go ahead with your arranged session if you are not happy but you must tell the person right away. sadistic-mistress.com is a platform upon which Mistresses and Dominatrix can place advertisements. We cannot be responsible for the delivery of the services advertised by those people. You can always create a Review of the person so that others are aware of what happened to you.

No phone number on profile

If you have found a Dominatrix you would like to contact her but there is no phone number then email or private message facilities will be available to you. It is entirely up to the service provider to place the correct contact details on the profile pages.